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  1. I have a question. How did you get the peacock feather as a logo? I am trying to insert a custom logo which I made but i don’t know how to replace it. e-mail me as soon as possible.

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  3. Hello there!

    I was just curious about a couple of things. First, I noticed you have the custom menus. I assume you are using the multi-level-navigation-plugin? I am having horrible problems getting the CSS style for that plugin to work properly. I have used the suckerfish CSS menu generator, but when I paste it back into my the box in my admin panel, I still get some odd things.

    For example, the hover background on my lower menu levels shows up as dark blue (I THINK this might be because it is carrying over from the style in the rest of the blog? The default button style and link color is a dark blue, yours has been modified to be green).

    So, I would really appreciate your help with this issue. Could you send me your suckerfish text, so I can at least try it? Our menu theme is fairly similar (see

    The other thing: how did you change the color from blue to green? I’ve searched and can’t find the answer. It doesn’t help that the Arras Theme website limits searches to every 30 seconds either!

    Thanks so much for your help.

    • I’m not using the multi-level nav plugin, no custom menus really, except under Arras Theme Options -> Navigation, I have chosen to display Pages. (If I may add, if you are not going to display both pages and categories, you really don’t need another plugin).

      You are right, the hover background in your blog would be blue because of the default styling. You can change all colors in the default.css. To change button colors, download the button and change its color. I will write a longer post soon explaining in more detail, but the gist of it is – just change the appropriate color codes in default.css.

  4. Hello,

    I’m using the theme Arras just like you and I would like to help me. I want to change some colors and especially the header. If you can, send me a tutorial. Thank you.

  5. Hi… Sorry for the inconvenience, I wanted to ask, as you do to make the theme pledge not to repeat the “Featured Post # 1 Count” in the # 2 and the # 3 … search but did not find how to do it, you agradesco the answer ..!

    • The easiest way is to create a separate category for Featured posts (call it, very imaginatively Featured :) ) and include all posts you want in the slideshow in that category.

  6. Hallo Lekhni,

    I have a question. I see you article How to add a custom header for the Arras theme.It is really usefull. I´m trying to resolve dropdown slide menu problem in my pages based on Arrass Theme. Righ now dropdown works into 6 levels, even if there have to be 8 levels, because I wrote articles into 8 categories. I see, it works in your pages. How did you managed it? In your category My experiments with food, dropdown work in 7 categories. Would you reccomend me how to resolve it, please?

    Thank you:-)


  7. Hi!
    I have problems with arras, I can’t write anything while editing posts ’cause background is always white, ‘cant move widgets, can’t make cform. why is that so.
    please help

  8. Hello Lekhni,
    We have a small NGO (Non Gov Organization) here in Brazil. I allready tried to use Arras because of the same reasons you did change.
    Atahualpa has been good for many situations, but now I notice that, for our next steps we better try again with Arras. There is no doubt it will bring a much better result.
    So my question is:
    >>Is it possible to send a copy of a custoimized Arras to somebody to help him avoiding to much time investment? Your customization looks very good. If I could get to it somehow avoiding the longer way I would be very thankfull.
    I have a help that comes once a week. With him I am sure we would/will find a way, but I am affraid it will take us to much time. We had very small progresses and he can’t stay longer than 2 hours. He also doesn’t know Arras and has some difficulties with CSS.
    >>Or do you think we should get proffessional help? In this caso can yopu recommend one that is not to expensive?
    Thanks in advance

  9. hi there.. i am having an issue with getting the slideshow to work. it is static. i have gone thru all forums and nothing is helping, not even the sidebar.php one –

    i am using wordpress 3.1 and arras 1.5.0 and have no plugins installed
    pls help

  10. hi
    im a NRI and my grandparents emigrated from india in the early 1900′s.
    i want to trace my families in india.
    i would be very grateful if u can ols help me in my search.

    thank you
    i look forward to ur kind response.

  11. How can I colour my Footer box? I’d like to make it black to match the Header.

    Also, is anyone else having trouble with user.css? Whenever I input coding to override, it doesn’t read it/nothing changes.


  12. I’m contacting you on the Behalf of! Will you do promotion for us on any event like Friendship day etc ! We will pay you in return! Will wait for your response ! Thanks :)

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